Richard Turnbull

Rev. Dr. Richard Turnbull is the director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics and a trustee of the Christian Institute. He holds a degree in Economics and Accounting and spent over eight years as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young and served as the youngest ever member of the Press Council. Richard also holds a first class honours degree in Theology and PhD in Theology from the University of Durham. He was ordained into the ministry of the Church of England in 1994. Richard served in the pastoral ministry for over 10 years. He was also for 7 years the Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He has authored several books, is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a visiting Professor at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Posts by Richard Turnbull

A biblical theology of work, Part 2: Wealth creation

Wealth creation is a divine imperative, though one that generates significant responsibilities. The church fails on business and economics when leaders think only about the responsibilities of wealth and nothing at all about how that wealth is created – both are divine imperatives. Continue Reading...

Advent and Christmas: seasons for the entrepreneur

Advent is a time of both patience and anticipation for Christmas. As a result, these seasons make an ideal season for entrepreneurs to reflect spiritually. Advent is also a time for thinking about our responsibilities as Christians between the first Advent in the incarnation and the second Advent in the Parousia – in other words, how we my responsibly use our freedoms and liberties. Continue Reading...