Avik Roy - Acton Lecture Series
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Video: Avik Roy on the end of cultural conservatism as we know it

Bill Buckley and Russell Kirk were leaders in building a movement of cultural conservatism to counter the dominant strain of liberalism that governed American politics following World War II. This movement would eventually lead to the presidency of Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War, as well as the rise of Republican congressional leadership in the 1990s and following. But with the fall of communism and a changing American society, cultural conservatism finds itself at a crossroads.

Avik Roy, president of The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and Opinion Editor at Forbes magazine, delivered an address as part of the 2017 Acton Lecture Series on this topic, detailing the fraying of the former conservative coalition, and examining what cultural conservatism may look like 25 years from now. We’re pleased to share the video of Roy’s address below.