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Profile of an Acton University attendee: Luis Hernández

Luis Hernandez traveled to Acton University from Mexico City, where he works as a pastoral coordinator for Anáhuac Sur University. He is responsible for managing projects and spiritual activities to help both the university students and the surrounding community. He also holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, and frequently travels throughout Mexico helping communities build churches. He was excited to attend Acton University to learn about “ways that communities can take control of their own development.”

Most notably, Hernandez mentioned the impact of Latin America: New Pathways of Development, and how he will use the sound economics laid out in the course to influence the good intentions of his deeply religious community back home. He plans to share this knowledge with the students he influences, and to encourage them to attend in years to come, and hopes that a tradition will form between Anáhuac Sur University and Acton University.