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Reflections on How We Approach God

We know how God approached mankind: the surprising incarnation as a baby at Christmas. But how ought we to approach Him? Here is a wide range of 14 ways we often try, along with a benefit for each: Love the right things and you will find your way home to God Think the right things and you will know the sovereign God Believe the right things and you will live at peace Obey, obey, obey and you will not go to hell Withdraw from the world and you will know God best Keep these sacraments and you will be part of the kingdom of God Feel the right things and you will be blessed in your spirit Follow these steps and you will prosper Serve the Lord your God by serving people and you will honor God Once you have suffered enough you will know God Meditation is the path to knowing God Go with the culture and God will go with you There is no God, but there ought to be one, so I’ll “believe” We are all God’s children so let’s be nice to everyone Continue Reading...