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Just Sign Here

Those three words Just Sign Here are what you’re told when you sign up for a cellphone, or buy a car or take out a bank loan. And it’s what you’re told to do when you buy a house whether or not there’s a mortgage. Continue Reading...

Six Reasons to Reject Obamacare

If it doesn’t faze you that Uncle Sam badly mishandled the stimulus porkanaza Congress would have directed bazillions to a surreally corrupt Acorn but for these two young heroes Michael Moore’s Sicko is Wacko Canadians will no longer have a free market healthcare system to flee to Government-run health care will look and smell and feel like the Department of Motor Vehicles … with sharp needles and bedpans If none of this has convinced you that a government-run healthcare system is a bad idea, then spend some time perusing Jay Richards’ thoughtful blogging work on health care here at The Enterprise Blog. Continue Reading...
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