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Radio Free Acton: Rev. Ben Johnson on how sin taxes support terrorism; Econ Quiz on Amazon; Upstream on sci-fi writer Jerry Pournelle

On this episode of Radio Free Acton, Caroline Roberts talks with Fr. Ben Johnson, senior editor at the Acton Institute, on the pitfalls of sin taxes. Then, on the Econ Quiz segment, Caroline speaks to Anne Rathbone Bradley, vice president of economic initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics and visiting professor at Georgetown University, about the impact of Amazon and whether or not it is a monopoly. Continue Reading...

Jerry Pournelle, Russell Kirk Conservative: RIP

Jerry Pournelle passed away in early September and is memorialized in this week’s “Upstream” segment of the Radio Free Acton podcast. An accomplished man in many fields in both the public and private sectors, he perhaps is best known as the author and co-author of a shelf-full of science-fiction novels. Continue Reading...
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