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From the Cold War to China, human flourishing is what really matters

A second Cold War has been brewing between global superpowers. The recent G-7 summit was merely the latest incident in the struggle for global hegemony between China and the U.S. The seven western powers who met for the summit released a statement condemning the Chinese government for its treatment of the Uyghur people, as well as its crackdowns in Hong Kong and lack of transparency in handling the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic. Continue Reading...

Free trade propaganda from … Communist China?

In the wake of the last presidential election, the American people appear to be fracturing and shifting on the long-held consensus about the benefits of free trade. Meanwhile, state-owned television in the People’s Republic of China is churning out pro-trade propaganda such as this (HT Pethokoukis): Yet the underlying irony is a bit overstated, I’d suspect. Continue Reading...
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