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Kings without a king: Kuyper on the illusion of independence

“A human kingship imperceptibly came to power, leaving no place for the kingship of Christ.” –Abraham Kuyper The West prides itself on valuing freedom – political, economic, religious, and otherwise. For some, this leads to the promotion of a certain brand of libertinism: the freedom to do what we want. Continue Reading...

Dallas Willard: Business is a ‘moving force of the love of God’

In a new video from Biola University, Dallas Willard explains how “business is a primary arrangement, on God’s part, for people to love one another and serve one another.” (HT) Willard goes on to explain how God does not wait for Christians to use business as a means for serving the needs of the world: If God wasn’t in business it wouldn’t even be there. Continue Reading...
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