Leo Schlueter

Leo Schlueter took part in the Acton Institute’s 2020 Emerging Leaders Program. He is a pre-law student studying philosophy at Hillsdale College.

Posts by Leo Schlueter

Why do we embrace ‘cancel culture’?

Online disagreements, and even unintended slips, can end a person’s career. One stray word is all it takes to turn a hero into a pariah. What lies behind the hair-trigger we have placed on the reflex to “cancel” others? Continue Reading...

Integralism’s biggest fallacy

Recently, conservative circles have seen a sharp uptick in support for “Integralism.” Integralism is the belief that “the state should officially endorse the Catholic faith and act as the secular arm of the Church by punishing heresy among the baptized and by restricting false religious practices if they threaten Catholicism,” according to Robert T. Continue Reading...