Kyle Sweitzer

Kyle Sweitzer is a member of the Acton Institute’s 2021 Emerging Leaders class. He is a junior at Grove City College majoring in Political Science. Kyle grew up in Hudson, Ohio, and focuses on studying issues in criminal justice and with communism. Kyle is also a marketing fellow at the Institute for Faith and Freedom focusing on spreading virtue and promoting Christian values to the next generation.

Posts by Kyle Sweitzer

The crumbling façade of Cuban communism

It has become routine for Bernie Sanders and other self-described democratic socialists to praise Cuba for its high literacy rates and universal health care. More recently, Black Lives Matter released a statement supporting the communist regime while criticizing U.S. Continue Reading...

Brandt Jean’s ultimate act of forgiveness

The killing of Botham Jean continues to make headlines after Amber Guyger, an off-duty police officer who mistook Jean for an intruder in her apartment, then shot and killed him, has asked an appeals court to toss her murder conviction. Continue Reading...