Josef Nasr

Josef Nasr is an incoming graduate student in corporate and public management at HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris. A Lebanese national, he has spent the past four years studying political science, economics, international relations, law, and philosophy in Sciences Po Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin. During his time in France and Germany, Josef worked as a student assistant to the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin and co-founded a student online journal for Lebanese youth, Kalam Beirut, to help the young Lebanese diaspora connect internationally. Josef is fluent in French, Arabic, English, and German, and has a good command of Modern Hebrew and Spanish. He aspires to a career in the diplomatic sector.

Posts by Josef Nasr

Is Mere ‘Tolerance’ Intolerable?

Berlin is a city saturated with history. Everywhere—on every corner, in every park, behind every wall and in every building—one stumbles on a piece of that which once was, scattered by the wind of time and silently reminding the indifferent faces of the weight of the past. Continue Reading...