James Diddams

James Diddams is managing editor of Providence Magazine. His writing has appeared in First Things, Providence Magazine, and The American Conservative. He graduated with honors from Wheaton College (IL) with majors in art history, economics, and philosophy. He was also a fellow with the John Jay Institute. He’s on Twitter @ChristLover1997 and his website is jamesdiddams.org.

Posts by James Diddams

Public Life, Private Vice in American Life

In his latest book, Moral Vision: Leadership from George Washington to Joe Biden, Marvin Olasky, author of the highly influential Tragedy of American Compassion (and Acton affiliate scholar), examines American history in light of a Turkish saying, “the fish stinks first at the head,” meaning that moral decay at the highest echelons of society inevitably affects the whole. Continue Reading...

Is Social Science ‘Science’?

Jason Blakely is professor of political science at Pepperdine University and has written a book, We Built Reality: How Social Science Infiltrated Culture, Politics, and Power, that is likely to perturb some, gratify others, but interest almost everyone. Continue Reading...