Dan Churchwell

Dan Churchwell serves as the director of program outreach for the Acton Institute, where he manages external relationships with foundations, higher education institutions, businesses, and NGOs. He has taught and lectured widely on issues related to the intersection of philosophy, theology, and economics. His current research interests include media ecology, technological ethics, and the future of work.

Posts by Dan Churchwell

The Smartphone Generation Isn’t All Right

The evidence is almost incontrovertible. Economic growth through free trade, globalization, and burgeoning markets have allowed for unparalleled worldwide wealth. Less than 10% of the world population lives on subsistent wages, and many of the countries still mired in poverty are destitute largely due to human-caused exigencies like war and corruption. Continue Reading...

Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller: Computer Programming Innovator

Emerging from the vibrant and innovative postwar years, the nascent discipline of computer science in America was attracting top talent in mathematics, engineering, and computational linguistics. Several schools were creating “computer science” programs by the 1950s and early ’60s. Continue Reading...