Ben Luker

Ben Luker is a member of the Acton Institute’s 2021 Emerging Leaders class. He is a junior at Calvin University majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He is originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, and is planning on attending law school after graduation. Ben has a passion for free-market economics and an interest in how the spheres of markets and morality should interact and overlap. His other hobbies include music and anything to do with the outdoors.

Posts by Ben Luker

Are billionaires evil?

Criticizing billionaires has become a popular cultural trend, based on anti-rich sentiment that was recently exacerbated by a ProPublica report that leaked the tax returns of the 25 wealthiest Americans. The report’s findings were interesting but not particularly surprising, mostly confirming the long-held speculation that the ultra-rich don’t pay taxes proportional to their levels of wealth and frequently use legal avenues to shield their earnings from the government’s fingertips. Continue Reading...