Kuyper on the looming crisis of European imperialism
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Kuyper on the looming crisis of European imperialism

In this week’s Acton Commentary, we have an excerpt from On Islam by Abraham Kuyper (Lexham Press, Acton Institute, 2017).

Islam in Algeria requires a short explanation. The Muslims in Algiers, insofar as they are Berbers, are of weak faith. To the extent that they abide by Islamic tradition, they are primarily Malikites, although Hanafism is steadily gaining ground. But they hardly bother with the faith’s formal demands, quietly put forward their own traditions under the name of adaa, and participate little in the worship of the mosque. Although they felt deeply aggrieved by the confiscation of haboes — goods which belonged to the mosques, the imams and muftis wield little authority here. Yet they are pure Muslims, even tending toward frenzied outbursts from their fanatical hearts, which suggests that their faith has a much more mystical than ritual character.

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