Religion & Liberty: Out of the frying pan into the fire
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Religion & Liberty: Out of the frying pan into the fire


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As summer in Michigan begins to wind down, Religion & Liberty Summer 2017 takes a look at several important issues. We explore religious liberty in Eastern Europe, “pink” issues, Martin Luther, cooking and recidivism, the “Jon Stewart of Egypt” and more.

For the cover feature, I decided to revisit a subject we previously covered. We tracked down several graduates of Edwin’s Leadership and Restaurant Institute (which was profiled in the Fall 2015 issue of R&L) and talked to them about their struggles and triumphs before and after making their way to fine dining in Cleveland’s Shaker Square.

Ronald Reagan may be considered one of the most influential presidents in the United States, but what about abroad? Krassen Stanchev reflects on his enduring legacy in Eastern Europe in his essay “Reagan Remembered: Bulgaria unveils a statue to Ronald Reagan in the battleground for religious liberty.” Also from our transatlantic partners is a review of European Parliament’s new “House of European History.” Arnold Huijgen recently visited it and found a glaring omission.

The year 2017 represents the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Protestant movement. In honor of Luther’s famous (or infamous) nailing of the 95 theses, Andrew McGinnis reviews Brand Luther, a new book by Andrew Pettegree that explores not only Luther’s work but also the early years of the printing industry.

I recently watched the 2017 documentary “Tickling Giants.” This funny and heartbreaking story follows a heart surgeon whose passion for satire and free speech led him to become the “Jon Stewart of Egypt.”

In the Liberal Tradition remembers longtime friend of the Acton Institute and one of the biggest defenders of the free market, Michael Novak. His life and work won’t soon be forgotten.

Women certainly belong at “work,” but how do we balance all the pressures and difficulties associated with that? Katelyn Beatty, author of A Woman’s Place, discusses work, the faith-at-work movement and how Christian women fit into all this. This conversation can be found in “Working humans, working women.

Featured Image: “Edwins Institute” by Scott Shaw. Owned by Acton Institute.