Radio Free Acton: Monterey Pop-Chris Armstrong
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Radio Free Acton: Chris Armstrong on medieval wisdom; Upstream on Monterey Pop at 50

On today’s Radio Free Acton we share an interview from Acton University with Chris Armstrong, Wheaton College Professor and author of the new book book Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians: Finding Authentic Faith in a Forgotten Age with C.S. Lewis. We take a look at the difference between modern and medieval Christians, and examine what makes a good story. Then we talk with RFA Chief Cultural Correspondent (and newly minted cultural commentator at Forbes) Bruce Edward Walker on the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival and the Rock and Roll culture of the time.

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This week’s timecodes: 
Introduction 0:00-02:40
Chris Armstrong Interview 02:50-10:15
Upstream with Bruce Edward Walker 10:34-26:34
Outro 26:38-28:37

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