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An entrepreneur goes to Acton University

Every year, Acton University attracts many international attendees. This year, there were 220 new and returning international attendees from 90 countries. One of the returning attendees was Santiago Abienzo Almagro visiting from Mexico City. While studying chemical engineering in Mexico City, Santiago discovered a passion for business and is working on entrepreneurial projects in both IT and manufacturing. His ultimate goal is to help bring prosperity to his country. With a poverty rate over 50 percent in Mexico, Santiago sees a need for entrepreneurship. Countries with stale growth rates and high poverty will never change without the positive impact of entrepreneurs.

Santiago returns to Acton University for the unique combination of concepts and attendees. “If you combine these amazing ideas with these amazing people,” He notes. “You can improve your country.” One of the key ideas that Santiago reflects on is the power of free markets. Acton University’s lectures and discussions clearly show the place of an entrepreneur in bringing prosperity to those around him or her.

Feature Image Credit:  (CC BY 2.0)