Joe Carter: Justice Gorsuch a ‘champion of religious freedom’
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Joe Carter: Justice Gorsuch a ‘champion of religious freedom’

On Monday, June 26, the Washington Examiner published an article by Ryan Lovelace titled “Conservatives cheer Gorsuch amid flurry of decisions on final day of Supreme Court term.” After concurring with Chief Justice John Roberts on Trinity Lutheran v. Comer, a 7-2 decision in favor of a church preschool in Missouri, Justice Neil Gorsuch leaves his first two months in the high court with the approval of many conservatives.

In the article, Joe Carter, a senior editor at the Acton Institute, applauds Gorsuch:

In his first concurring opinion for the court, Gorsuch has established himself as a champion of religious freedom, and a justice willing to place limits on the power of the state … By taking such a bold stand he’s showing he may be the worthy successor to the great Justice Scalia we’ve been hoping for.

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