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John Stonestreet doesn’t want to talk about sex

On the latest edition of Radio Free Acton, John Stonestreet, the President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, joins Marc Vander Maas to talk about the current cultural and moral malaise of the West and affirms the unique role of Christianity in the development and sustaining of western civilization. Stonestreet discusses the dangers and ultimate consequences of the West’s abandonment of its Christian moral principles and affirms the necessity of virtue as a natural companion to freedom. Additionally, in this program, Stonestreet is forced to discuss a touchy subject: sex. As the standards of sexual morality shift, no longer rooted objectively, we are forced to confront a subject that has remained at the forefront of liberty for those on the modern left. Stonestreet articulates a Christian biblical worldview in response to this modern view of sexual freedom and also the modern secularization in the West.
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