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Radio Free Acton: Judge Joe Scoville’s verdict on Judge Neil Gorsuch

On this edition of Radio Free Acton, we’re joined by Judge Joseph Scoville, former United States magistrate judge for the western district of Michigan, to review the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. We examine the qualifications and judicial philosophy of Judge Gorsuch, and address the question of whether or not the left is correct to accuse Republicans of “stealing” the seat from President Obama. Additionally, we start the drumbeat of support for the nomination of Acton Director of Research Samuel Gregg for the next Supreme Court Vacancy.

You can listen to the podcast via the audio player below; we’ve also posted the video of Judge Scoville’s excellent Acton Lecture Series address on the Growth of Leviathan for your edification.