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Review: Samuel Gregg’s latest ‘should be on every Christian’s reading list’

For God and ProfitThe US Review of Books recently analyzed Samuel Gregg’s latest book, For God and Profit.  John E. Roper, the journalist who wrote the review, gave For God and Profit a “RECOMMENDED” rating.  Beyond the rating, Roper, had some very positive remarks about Gregg’s book.  He said this:

The author knows he has his work cut out for him. Many Christians have been indoctrinated with a general distrust of both money and its effects on society. This often translates into the belief that money, while necessary, is still inherently evil, and that those who trade in it such as banks and other financial institutions are suspect at best. Thankfully Gregg is well-prepared for the challenge in front of him, and in possibly one of the finest books ever written on the subject, he shows how faith and finance do not have to be incompatible.

Many excellent books have been written recently on how a Christian should view finances, but few, if any, have broached the subject in this manner and depth. Well-written and highly informative, Gregg’s book should be on every Christian’s reading list.

You can read the full review on The US Review of Books’ website here.