Radio Free Acton: Todd Huizinga Previews Brexit
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Radio Free Acton: Todd Huizinga Previews Brexit

On this edition of Radio Free Acton, we take a look at the upcoming referendum in Great Britain which will decide the fate of the UK’s membership in the European Union. Todd Huizinga, Acton’s Director of International Relations and author of The New Totalitarian Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe, joins the podcast fresh from his latest European trip and shares his analysis of the pros and cons for Britain, as well as the reaction in Brussels to the vote and what it may portend for the future of the EU.

You can listen to the podcast via the audio player below; I’ve posted links to some of the articles we discussed after the jump.

BBC: MPs ‘considering using majority’ to keep UK in single market
Bloomberg: Brexit Contagion Is Spreading Across the EU, Pew Study Finds
Washington Post: It’s not just Britain: A new poll shows Europeans elsewhere are tired of the E.U.
The Telegraph: Voters are hearing the risks of remaining in the EU, and are concluding it’s time for Brexit
The Telegraph: Letters: Britain’s competitiveness is undermined by a failing EU
The American Interest: Two Out of Three Germans Want Merkel Replaced