Tim Keller on How Churches Can Form Fully Christian Workers
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Tim Keller on How Churches Can Form Fully Christian Workers

In a new video from Made to Flourish, Tim Keller offers practical guidance to ministers and churches on how they can better disciple their people when it comes to work and stewardship:

There are a lot of very non-Christian philosophies that are dominating a lot of areas of work, and if a Christian isn’t discipled, they’re just going to go along with the spirit of the age. They also will probably be getting less joy of their work. They may actually not be doing their work in a distinctly Christian way. So, for a lot of reasons, if the minister doesn’t disciple his people, it means the community in general is not getting fully Christian workers.

I also think if the minister and the church gets a reputation for honoring people in Christian vocation, the church will be well thought of in the community…Very often churches only know how to recognize missionaries and ministers, and not Christians that are rising up in their fields. I think if a church starts to recognize that, many community leaders who are Christians are going to say, “Finally I have a church that helps me do my job,” and that’ll help the church’s reputation, as well as the church helping Christians really serve their community in a way they weren’t before.


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