Human Trafficking in Michigan
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Human Trafficking in Michigan

Acton’s Communication’s Specialist, Elise Hilton, recently penned an op-ed for the Detroit News on human trafficking. She argues that not only is it bigger than people realize, but it’s happening in Acton’s home, Michigan.

The facts are grim:

Michigan’s proximity to the Canadian border and waterways increases the likelihood of trafficking in our state.

Michigan truck stops and hotels are used for sex trafficking.

Major events such as ArtPrize and the North American International Auto Show are also major draws for sex trafficking in Michigan.

Michigan agriculture, manufacturing and construction businesses attract labor trafficking.

For a human trafficker, Michigan is as much a playground as it is for a summer tourist. Men are brought here to work in fields, factories and construction sites under false pretenses, denied their rightful earnings and forced to live in deplorable conditions. Women and children are offered up as sex toys, with temporary brothels hastily set up for sporting events, conventions and other large gatherings.

Read the full article at the Detroit Press. If you live in West Michigan and want to learn more, come to “The Scarlet Cord” on Wednesday April 29. Elise Hilton and Pamela Alderman will discuss human trafficking and Alderman’s Artprize 2014 piece about sex trafficking.