University Of Hawaii Risks Teen Lives In Abortion ‘Study’
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University Of Hawaii Risks Teen Lives In Abortion ‘Study’

The Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children at the University of Hawaii is recruiting teens and women to study the effects of second trimester abortions. Girls as young as 14 are being sought so that researchers can carry out

a ‘randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials,’ to determine the effect of oxytocin’s use on uterine bleeding, meaning that they will either provide or deny intravenous oxytocin to the women.

Reports suggest that some doctors are concerned that withholding oxytocin during surgery may put patients, especially teen girls, at risk.

One study of teens who had an abortion shows the terrible after-effects on minors:

In a study of teenage abortion patients, half suffered a worsening of psychosocial functioning within 7 months after the abortion. The immediate impact appeared to be greatest on the patients who were under 17 years of age and for those with previous psychosocial problems. Symptoms included: self-reproach, depression, social regression, withdrawal, obsession with need to become pregnant again, and hasty marriages.

It is one thing to be pro-abortion; it’s quite another to use children as “lab rats” in a medical procedure that is known to be harmful to girls. (It should go without saying that the procedure is 100% deadly for the unborn child.)

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Elise Hilton

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