ISIS And Human Traffickers: Prey On The Vulnerable, Recruit With Lies
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ISIS And Human Traffickers: Prey On The Vulnerable, Recruit With Lies

In the wild, a lion does not chase down the strong animal at the front of the pack; the lion chooses its prey by doing the least amount of work. The lion picks off the weak, the young, the vulnerable.

ISIS and human traffickers are animals, and they choose their prey accordingly. They seek out the vulnerable, the lonely, the searching. The internet is a fine hunting ground. There have been several stories of late of teen girls being lured from home to join ISIS (see here and here, for instance.)

A British journalist, posing as a teen girl, found out just how easily ISIS can contact and lure a girl.

A journalist from Britain’s Channel 5 News easily contacted “Amatullah,” who said he was a 16-year-old originally from Britain, through Twitter. Following his advice, the two quickly switched to an encrypted smartphone application to avoid detection. Amatullah gave her specific instructions on how to elude authorities and travel to ISIS territory and marry a fighter.

“Come ASAP,” one message to her says. “There’s sisters coming every day.”

When she asked what she should bring, Amatullah responded: “Lingerie.”

Radical Muslims, such as those in ISIS, believe there is no girl too young to marry. “Amatullah” made it clear to the “teen girl” reporter what would be expected of her if she joined ISIS:

“It’s not hard. U don’t have to know Arabic,” Amatullah wrote the reporter. “There’s plenty of britani (six) bros here. U can stay with me if u want. Until u get married.”

Should a girl decide to take a recruiter up on his offer, a life of sexual exploitation surely awaits her. Hunted, caught and brought down: perhaps a trophy wife, most likely a sexual slave.

Elise Hilton

Communications Specialist at Acton Institute. M.A. in World Religions.