Chinese Government Tries To Stay Ahead Of Child Traffickers
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Chinese Government Tries To Stay Ahead Of Child Traffickers

Underground delivery rooms. Babies smuggled in designer handbags. Criminal gangs kidnapping pregnant women. It’s all part of a growing concern in China: child trafficking.

According to CNN, Chinese authorities rescued 37 newborns and one toddler this week, arresting over 100 people in the process. The operation included the raid of an “underground delivery room” in an abandoned warehouse, where one baby was found near death under a large pile of blankets.

It is believed that the children were going to sold for “adoption” both in China and internationally. The “adoption” price was between $8,000 and nearly $13,000. However, the many of the newborns were so ill due to malnutrition it is doubtful they would have lived had authorities not intervened.

China has an on-going issue with child trafficking, especially for baby boys. In March, the government broke up four similar trafficking operations.

Read “Chinese police rescue 37 babies in trafficking bust” at CNN.


Elise Hilton

Communications Specialist at Acton Institute. M.A. in World Religions.