Giving God What We Already Have
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Giving God What We Already Have

“What would happen if instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we consider what God has already given us — our talents, our dreams, our motivations — and offer them back to Him as an act of worship?”

In a new video from HOPE International, we’re challenged to counter our tendencies to approach God through an attitude of lack and self-doubt (“if only I had x I would do y”), trusting instead that God has already given us exactly what we need to obey, serve, and flourish.

After reviewing a series of Biblical examples, we’re reminded that God routinely sparks the most miraculous transformations by beginning with the basic resources at hand, from a boy’s loaves and fishes to David’s sling to a widow’s jar of oil.

“What’s in your hands?” God continues to ask us. How will we respond?

The lesson is foundational and far-reaching, applying to all our modes of service and stewardship. Yet in HOPE’s particular context as a Christian-based microfinance organization, we see how reorienting our hearts and minds not only guide our own efforts, but can transform how we empower and disciple others to do the same.

Rather than viewing our neighbors as poor and utterly helpless, lacking in gifts, talents, abilities, and resources, Christians are called to reject such fatalism and instead seek to affirm the value and dignity of others and help empower and promote their own creative potential.

If offering our gifts and talents back to God is important for each of us, reorienting the position of our hearts and transforming the work of our hands, let’s not ignore this truth as we seek to help those in need.

Joseph Sunde

Joseph Sunde's work has appeared in venues such as the Foundation for Economic Education, First Things, The Christian Post, The Stream, Intellectual Takeout, Patheos, LifeSiteNews, The City, Charisma News, The Green Room, Juicy Ecumenism, Ethika Politika, Made to Flourish, and the Center for Faith and Work, as well as on PowerBlog. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife and four children.