Download Acton University 2014 Lectures
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Download Acton University 2014 Lectures

We’ve just posted the final bundle of 107 audio files from Acton University 2014 available for $14.95 at our digital download store.  Our lunch and evening lectures are also free, including talks from:

Rev. Robert Sirico, co-founder of the Acton Institute and author of Defending the Free Market
Makoto Fujimura,
Artist and Public Intellectual
Andy Crouch, Executive Editor, Christianity Today
Ross Douthat,
Op-Ed Columnist, New York Times

Here’s the full list of lectures:

  1. Opening Lecture – Rev. Robert A. Sirico
  2. Culture Care: From Common Grace to Loving Your Enemies – Makoto Fujimura
  3. Getting Social Justice Right – Ryan Anderson
  4. Christian Anthropology – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  5. Biblical Theology of Covenant – Dr. Scott Hahn
  6. Hope for the Inner City – Ismael Hernandez
  7. Abraham Kuyper, Common Grace and Business – Dr. Peter Heslam
  8. Freedom Without God – Dr. Jay Richards
  9. Value Investing – David Bahnsen
  10. Innovation and Divine Creativity – Prof. Ross Emmett
  11. Spiritual Dangers of Doing Good – Peter Greer
  12. Christian Vision of Government – Michael Matheson Miller
  13. Markets and Monasticism – Dylan Pahman
  14. How God’s OT People Influenced Culture – Rev. Dr. Svetlana Papazov
  15. Myths and Realities of the Early Church – The Very Rev. Michael Butler
  16. Why Civilizations Die – David Goldman
  17. The Economic Way of Thinking – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  18. Freedom of Conscience – Judge Andrew Napolitano
  19. The Moral Case for Economic Growth – Dr. Ed Noell
  20. Crony Capitalism – Dr. Jay Richards
  21. Social Consequences of the Welfare State – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  22. Alexis de Tocqueville: Prophet of our Times – Dr. Kenneth Grasso
  23. Biblical Theology of Law – Dr. Scott Hahn
  24. Catholic Social Teaching, Entrepreneurship and Development – Dr. Peter Heslam
  25. Entrepreneurial Culture: How it Supports Innovation – Robert Luddy
  26. The Economy of Israel in the Age of King Solomon – Very Rev. Patrick Henry Reardon
  27. Biblical Foundations of Freedom – Dr. Charles Self
  28. The Golden Sea – Makoto Fujimura
  29. Islam 101 – Mustafa Akyol
  30. Private Charity: A Practitioner’s View – Rudy Carrasco
  31. Catholic Social Teaching 101 – Rev. Raymond DeSouza
  32. Cultural Aesthetics in a Free Society – Dr. David Deavel
  33. Judaism and the Market Economy – Dr. Steven Grosby
  34. Poverty in the Developing World – Michael Matheson Miller
  35. The Family and the Market – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  36. On Reading and Living the Bible Well – Glenn Paauw
  37. Myths About the Market – Dr. Jay Richards
  38. John Wesley: Social Entrepreneur – Dr. Charles Self
  39. Mission Drift – Peter Greer
  40. Deficits and Debt – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  41. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Modern Critique of Modernity – Kishore Jayabalan
  42. Calvin Coolidge and his Foundational Views on Government – Ray Nothstine
  43. The End and Rise of Socialism – Dr. James Otteson
  44. Thomas Jefferson v. Alexander Hamilton – Dr. John Pinhiero
  45. Community and Economic Development – Justin Beene
  46. Property Rights in the Old Testament I – Dr. John Bergsma
  47. Human Trafficking – Kim Biddle
  48. Christopher Dawson and the Dynamics of History – Dr. Bradley Birzer
  49. How To Talk About Natural Law – Dr. J. Budziszewski
  50. Envy and Its Discontents – Dr. Victor Claar
  51. The Economics of Caritas in Veritate – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  52. Religious Liberty and the Entrepreneurial Economy – Dr. Greg Forster
  53. Economic Growth, The Rule of Law, and the Image of God – PJ Hill
  54. The Family and The State – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  55. Theology of Work – Dr. Scott Rae
  56. Free Market Thought: Austrian Economics – Lawrence Reed
  57. Progressivism: Theory and Critique – Dr. Kevin Schmiesing
  58. Evangelicals and Social Justice – Dr. John Teevan
  59. Power – Andy Crouch
  60. Theories of Inequality and Fairness: Affirmative Action – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  61. Islam 101 – Mustafa Akyol
  62. Property Rights in the Old Testament II – Dr. John Bergsma
  63. Orthodoxy and Natural Law – Very Rev. Michael Butler
  64. Whatever Happened to Bible Engagement? – Paul Caminti
  65. Education and the Free Society – Dr. Todd Flanders
  66. Religious Liberty and the Challenges to Conscience – Prof. Gerard Bradley
  67. The Rise and Fall of the European Social Market – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  68. Cultural Critiques of Capitalism – Michael Matheson Miller
  69. The Enduring Allure of Karl Marx – Dr. James Otteson
  70. Christianity and Postmodernity – John Stonestreet
  71. Marriage Makes the Man – Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  72. The Social Vision of Abraham Kuyper – Dr. Vincent Bacote
  73. The Social Teaching of John Paul II – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  74. Second Thoughts: Newman on Political and Economic Liberty – Dr. David Deavel
  75. Our Cultural Crisis: Restoring a Vision of the Permanent Things – Dr. Vigen Guroian
  76. Free Market Thought: Public Choice Theory – Dr. P.J. Hill
  77. Are the Poor ‘Blessed’ If we Make them Rich? – Dr. Peter Kreeft
  78. Religion, Social Trends and Demographics – Dr. Yuri Mantilla
  79. Partnership Based Community Development – Rev. Dr. Svetlana Papazov
  80. Religious Liberty: The Dawn of the First Amendment – Dr. John Pinhiero
  81. Vocational Stewardship and Community Transformation – Dr. John Teevan
  82. The Austrian Tradition on Social and Economic Order – Jeffrey Tucker
  83. Tolkien and the Free Society – Dr. Jonathan Witt
  84. Economic Justice in the Old Testament – Dr. John Bergsma
  85. Marketplace as Social Shalom – Dr. Anthony Bradley
  86. History of Political Economy – Dr. Chad Brand
  87. How to Talk About Natural Law – Dr. J. Budziszewski
  88. Distributism: Theory and Critique – Dr. Todd Flanders
  89. The Church and Modern Civilization – Dr. Greg Forster
  90. Latin America: New Pathways of Development – Anielka Munkel
  91. Adam Smith, Markets, and Morality – Dr. James Otteson
  92. Business and the Common Good – Dr. Scott Rae
  93. “Get Your Hands Dirty” – Dr. Jordan Ballor
  94. Stewardship 101 – Dr. Kent Wilson
  95. Statesman: The Thought of Leo XIII – Rev. Raymond deSouza
  96. Bad Religion – Ross Douthat
  97. The Economics of Mutuality – Dr. Steven Garber
  98. Benedict XVI and the Crisis of Europe – Dr. Samuel Gregg
  99. John Locke and Christian Teaching on Property – Kishore Jayabalan
  100. Good, True, and Beautiful: C.S. Lewis – Dr. Peter Kreeft
  101. Moral Imagination – Michael Matheson Miller
  102. Can Business and Religion Get Along? Evidence from History – Dr. Kevin Schmiesing
  103. Statism in Poor Countries: A Field Guide – Dr. Stephen Smith
  104. Worship or Participation: The Role of Religion in Public Life – John Stonestreet
  105. The Family Foundations of the American Dream – Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox
  106. The Common Good in Seven Words – Andy Crouch
  107. A Conversation with Ross Douthat – Douthat & Sirico

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