It’s Official, Millennials: The White House Thinks You’re Stupid
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It’s Official, Millennials: The White House Thinks You’re Stupid

The Affordable Care Act [ACA] has seen more than it’s share of disasters. The clunky website got off to a horrendous start, the “fixes” didn’t work, Kathleen Sebelius got raked over the coals (“Don’t do this to me!”) at a House hearing, and not enough young people are signing up.

The solution? The White House has created an “ACA Bracket” (Get it? Huh? Get it?) site where young folks can go and vote for their favorite GIFs and then head on over to and get signed up.

How bad is this website? The word “doomed” comes to mind, as in “If this is the best our government can do, we are doomed.”

There’s a dancing duck proclaiming “I’m so excited” about free birth control, a cat in a tux with a disco-glitter background telling you about rebates, and Michelle Obama “raisin’ the roof” with some woman in mom jeans. Horrifying, absolutely horrifying. (And I’ve seen “The Shining.” Twice.)

There are a couple of takeaways here. First, Millennials, it is clear that the White House thinks you are stupid. You could not possibly read a thoughtfully written piece on what the ACA has to offer you. Nope, your attention span is too short, and the only thing you’ll pay attention to is pictures of cats.

Second, the White House is desperate. Not only does this website look like it was designed by a 5th-grader, it practically screams, “Help! Sign up! We’re dying over here!”

Finally, the White House is hoping you won’t notice a few things. Like, a thoughtful young woman is reduced to a dancing duck over free birth control. Or that “twerking” is the best selling point for the ACA. Or that the entire website reeks of frantic distress.

Yup, Millennials: the White House thinks you’re stupid. Show them you’re not.

Elise Hilton

Communications Specialist at Acton Institute. M.A. in World Religions.