Why Should Baptists Care About Economic Theories?
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Why Should Baptists Care About Economic Theories?

BrandIn a review of Flourishing Faith, Chad Brand’s Baptist primer on faith, work, and economics, pastor David Daniels summarizes the why behind the what:

But why should Baptists care about political economic theories anyway – especially over-burdened, time-starved pastors? Aren’t Baptists concerned with spiritual matters: evangelism, discipleship and church-planting? Anticipating the question, Brand provides five excellent reasons why Christians should understand economic theory.

  • The Bible speaks to economic issues: acquiring and disposing of money and property, fair wages, and stewardship of the earth.
  • Understanding political economics helps us understand the world in which we live.
  • It leads to a more comprehensive model of Christian discipleship.
  • We need a solid theology of work and economics.
  • All political theories hold theological implications.

He follows this with a hearty recommendation:

As a Primer, I believe the book succeeds – it provides an easily grasped introduction to the subject, lays out the major themes, and provides direction for those interested in digging deeper…I recommend this book for all Christians, and especially for pastors and teachers who have responsibility for guiding others into a clearer understanding of how worldviews impact our day-to-day decisions. It would be a great small group study.

Read the full review.

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