What Does Dr. Ben Carson Prescribe For America?
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What Does Dr. Ben Carson Prescribe For America?

In 2012, Dr. Ben Carson, former head of pediatric surgery at John Hopkins Hospital, rose to media attention at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. During that speech, he told the audience, including President and Mrs. Obama, that he didn’t mean to offend anyone, but he wasn’t going to be “politically correct,” either. Since then, Dr. Carson has been a regular contributor to The Daily Caller. He recently spoke in Sikeston, Missouri, and gave his prescription for what ails America.

Of all that’s ailing America, including the decline of education, Obamacare, politicians run amok, and government spending, the doctor offered various prescriptions. The Founders, [Carson] said, knew that the country relied on an informed populace. We must not be misled by “slick politicians and a dishonest media.” If we will “spend a half hour learning something new every single day … [we] become a formidable friend of truth and a formidable enemy of deception.”

Citing numerous examples of the country’s exceptionalism, he declared, “Don’t tell me America is not an exceptional nation!” Thus, he said, America must take her place and lead. If we don’t lead, he said, we will cease to be the pinnacle, and someone else will fill the void. To lead, we must recognize that our young people are “our most precious resource,” and we simply “can’t afford to waste those resources.”

Carson, no fan of the Affordable Care Act, discussed his idea for health care in the U.S.:

He spoke boldly about the disaster that is Obamacare and the immorality of making something as important as health a political issue. Carson detailed his own healthcare plan, one aspect of which is an HSA—a Health Savings Account. An HSA would provide every American $2,000 every year, wouldn’t expire, and could be shifted within a family.

Read “Dr. Ben Carson’s Prescription for America: Courage” at Breitbart.com.

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