John Kennedy: We Can’t Obey HHS Mandate and Practice Our Faith
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John Kennedy: We Can’t Obey HHS Mandate and Practice Our Faith

“Will the most fundamental liberty of all – freedom of conscience – survive in post-Obama America?” asks Terry Jeffrey at He, along with many others,  is worried about the Obama Administration’s refusal to allow faithful Christians to live according to their conscience. He is particularly concerned about the Kennedy family, owners of Autocam, based in Kentwood, Mich. Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled that the Kennedys may not sue the director of the Health and Human Services Department, Kathleen Sebelius, because “Autocam is not a ‘person’ capable of ‘religious exercise.’” President of Autocam and Autocam Medical and an Acton board member, John Kennedy told Jeffrey that he and his family “strive to live all parts of their lives – including their business lives – in keeping with their Catholic faith.” He said that:

We’re called into different occupations, but we are supposed to respond to that call and try to basically show the teachings of Jesus Christ in everything we do… You have an obligation to treat everyone justly, and, in my mind, you are supposed to treat all people that you come across in life as part of your family.

Jeffrey discussed the HHS Mandate with Kennedy:

When I interviewed John Kennedy this week, I asked him: “Can your family-owned company, in keeping with the way you have run it in accordance with your Catholic faith, obey that regulation?”

“No,” said Kennedy. “I can’t see how we can do that.”

“So you have no doubt that the Obama administration, through this regulation, is trying to force you to act against your faith?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Kennedy.

“They have essentially prohibited you from doing what you have always tried to do, which is to live your life everywhere and at all times in accord with your Catholic faith?” I asked.

“Correct,” said Kennedy.

“They have essentially prohibited you, as a business owner, as an employer of hundreds of people, from practicing your religion?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

As previously reported on the blog, the Kennedys plan to take their case to the Supreme Court. Read the full Townhall interview here or read other articles about Autocam’s fight against the HHS Mandate on the PowerBlog.

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