Ignoring Centesimus Annus
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Ignoring Centesimus Annus

A defense of Pope John Paul II’s Centesimus Annus. For example,

On Globalization

The Claim:

“John Paul II . . . thinks that capitalism goes way too far and results in oppression of people in the developing world. So economic redistribution would be a very radical position . . .” Lisa Sowle Cahill, professor of theology at Boston College.

Centesimus Annus Says:

“Today we are facing the so-called ‘globalization’ of the economy, a phenomenon which is not to be dismissed, since it can create unusual opportunities for greater prosperity.” (CA #58)

“Even in recent years it was thought that the poorest countries would develop by isolating themselves from the world market and by depending only on their own resources. Recent experience has shown that countries which did this have suffered stagnation and recession, while the countries which experienced development were those which succeeded in taking part in the general interrelated economic activities at the international level. It seems therefore that the chief problem is that of gaining fair access to the international market, based not on the unilateral principle of the exploitation of the natural resources of these countries but on the proper use of human resources.” (CA #33)

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