Glorifying God and Changing Lives Through Metal Manufacturing
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Glorifying God and Changing Lives Through Metal Manufacturing

The Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University recently profiled Camcraft, a Christian-run manufacturing business whose owners, the Bertsche family, seek to steward their business according to God’s purposes. “By using Biblical principles to run a company,” says Bern Bertsche, “not only is that God’s way, but it’s a very effective way to run a business.”

Watch the video below:

Camcraft orients itself around a broader mission to (1) to glorify God, (2) be a great place to work, (3) be a trusted and valued partner for customers, and (4) grow profitability. In addition to manufacturing high-precision metal components, Camcraft conducts after-work Bible studies for employees. “We know a lot of people never see the inside of a church,” says Bertsche, “but they see this business five days a week.”

For Mike Bertsche, Camcraft president and CEO, the purpose of the business goes well beyond enriching the Bertsche legacy or meeting the material needs of their customers. More fundamentally, running Camcraft is about seeing lives changed:

There are other things you can do with your business besides making components for your customers…You can be involved in people’s lives. You can be involved in the community. You know in your heart that’s really the purpose of the business, when you see people’s lives being changed. And it could be from a spiritual standpoint, it could be from a financial perspective, it could be somebody taking on more responsibility and growing into a job that they never thought that they could take on. And those are the kinds of things we’ve been able to do through the business and trying to run it in a way that honors the Lord and glorifies God.

Read more about Camcraft’s approach to business here.

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