‘Mary Tyler’ Star: We Need Moore Taxes on the Rich
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‘Mary Tyler’ Star: We Need Moore Taxes on the Rich

Celebrated fiscal policy scholar Ed Asner, best known for pretending to be a television news producer on the 1970’s classic sit-com The Mary Tyler Moore Show, is the narrator of a new “educational” cartoon produced by a Teachers Union in California called “Tax the Rich.”

Where to begin!

This video was produced with the intent to indoctrinate children with an anti-capitalistic understanding of everything from levels of taxation to how wealth is created to the relationship between a free-born citizen and his or her government. It’s narrated by a member of the 1% demographic reviled so much by the modern progressive-Left. And because it comes from a public teachers union, it was ultimately funded with tax dollars.

Lee Doren has posted an in-depth, fact-checking rebuttal to the ‘Taxing the Rich” video on YouTube and I highly recommend that you watch both clips:

and here it is for Lee Doren’s response to it:

We proponents of free enterprise, limited government, and fiscal responsibility need to both remain vigilant of stuff like this that can shape a young person’s understanding of economics for a lifetime, and also be prepared to give an answer for the things we believe in. The other side is ready, willing and able to advance their values through any means necessary. They are creative, pro-active, and fully aware of how important it is to get to Americans when they are young.

Perhaps it’s time we make a few cartoons of our own?

R.J. Moeller

R.J. Moeller is a writer and podcast host for the American Enterprise Institute's "Values & Capitalism" project. He's also a regular contributor at PJMedia.com and Acculturated.com. Originally from Chicago, he currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he serves as a media consultant to nationally syndicated columnist and talk show host, Dennis Prager.