Bigger the Government, Smaller the Citizen
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Bigger the Government, Smaller the Citizen

Today is November 6th, and we’re supposedly going to elect a new President of the United State of America by the time Charles Krauthammer goes to bed early tomorrow morning. But for those of us who can’t help but think “big picture” every second of every day, what does November 7th look like – regardless of who wins? What about November 8th? How about a year from now?

Anyone who values liberty, limited government, and the free enterprise system knows that even if the more-conservative Mitt Romney wins, there are miles to go before we sleep.

Many miles, in fact. Like, as many miles as the Keystone Pipeline should have been.  Maybe even more.

My point here is  simple: the battle for the hearts and minds of my generation, and the ones that will follow, is still up in the air.  The tide away from planned economies and social engineering can still carry water with millions of impressionable minds. The arguments for economic freedom and de-centralization of power are compelling. When explained in straight-forward and interesting terms, they can stick in your head like a catchy TV ad jingle (just ask George Costanza).

One such example is nationally syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager’s 5-minute video-course at the “Prager University” website entitled “The Bigger the Government the Smaller the Citizen.”  Take a look by clicking here.


In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis writes that people “need to be reminded much more than they need to be instructed.”  Let’s remind each other of Prager’s mantra for the next four years (and beyond) no matter who wins this evening.

R.J. Moeller

R.J. Moeller is a writer and podcast host for the American Enterprise Institute's "Values & Capitalism" project. He's also a regular contributor at and Originally from Chicago, he currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he serves as a media consultant to nationally syndicated columnist and talk show host, Dennis Prager.