France urges actions against Iran
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France urges actions against Iran

France’s foreign minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, said that Iran’s move to resume its nuclear activities could spark a “major international crisis,” increasing the pressure on Tehran to return to the negotiating table or risk facing sanctions. France is urging European negotiators to propose a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s council of governors. “If the Iranians still do not accept what the council of governors propose, then the international community must turn to the Security Council” and “we will see what type of sanctions to give to Iran,” Douste-Blazy said.

Is it not interesting how France now wants actions taken against Iran now that a potential nuclear capability might effect them?

Anthony Bradley

Anthony B. Bradley, Ph.D., is distinguished research fellow at the Acton Institute and author of The Political Economy of Liberation: Thomas Sowell and James Cone on the Black Experience.