The Faith of a Young Entrepreneur
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The Faith of a Young Entrepreneur

In 2010 Alexandra Abraham slipped on a wet floor and into a business idea. According to Forbes magazine, U.S. restaurants face an estimated $2 billion in “slip and fall” lawsuits each year. So Abraham, a 23-year-old college student, designed and started manufacturing DripCatch, a plastic tray that snaps tightly on the racks that go inside industrial dishwashers to catch the water from getting on the floor.

Abraham tells Resurgence how the experience has grown her faith and shown her how clearly and strongly God is working in her life and through the business:

RESURGENCE: What type of businesswoman would you be if you weren’t a Christian?

Alexandra Abraham: I’d be an empty one. I can’t imagine a life where I’m just working to fill my own bank account—that there isn’t any meaning, beyond my own gratification and needs. That would be awful. Waking up every morning being able to go “All right God, what do we have on the agenda for today?!” is the coolest thing in the world. I get to be a part of his mission and that’s incredibly humbling and exciting. Crazy, downright insane miracles happen to launch this company every day, and I just wish more people were able to see first hand what I get to see. And if they were, there wouldn’t be a doubt in their mind that God exists because it’s been that crazy.

Also, I think I’d be more prideful, because even if it seemed impossible that I was the result of what was happening, I think I would be more inclined to think it was born from our own labors.

Our faith is not one compartmentalized part of our life, filed under “Religion,” Jesus is Lord over all of a Christian’s life—even and especially our work.

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Joe Carter

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