My Mind in God’s Hands
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My Mind in God’s Hands

“The darkening of sin obstructs the acquisition not of the knowledge of the details but knowledge in its more exalted and nobler sense.” (Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom & Wonder Pg. 56)

Each of us is detail-oriented in our own way. Some remember dates and numbers with amazing accuracy. Others remember relational information from conversations they had two weeks ago. Still others have a knack for remembering trivia of all sorts.

But sadly much of our memory focuses on things that are not very important in the Kingdom. We remember what we did for our 2nd birthday but not the name of the person who works four cubicles down from us or the fact that Wednesday is the first anniversary of their divorce. We remember things about our world and our priorities.

As Kuyper says in the quote above, it is not that our minds are not active and agile; it is that sin darkens our minds to Kingdom things! But this very skill is critical to being On Call in Culture. Unless we hone our ability to observe and know the things in this world that matter to God, we will fill our minds with knowledge of our own choosing and in so doing will push God’s agenda out of our minds.

Fortunately Kuyper reminds us that “Thinking itself is a spiritual activity.” That means that our minds can be brought under submission to God and into His service rather than our own. If we determine to do this, we can then ask God to help us to know the world as He sees it. And as we know the world from His perspective we will be compelled to respond to His call in our daily life.

With God in control of our mind’s eye, we see how each day’s activities can bless the world and represent Him. We notice small things that others miss and we will remember key ideas, names, places and facts that God will use to glorify His name.

Are you giving your mind over to God as a tool for His glory? Or is your mind a playground for the sin in your life? You must decide and your decision will define whether you live a life that is On Call in Culture.

Mindy Hirst

Mindy Hirst is co-founder of Generous Mind, a think tank devoted to helping people be generous with their ideas. She is also a founder of the On Call In Culture community.