A Church on Mission
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A Church on Mission

Raleigh Gresham is senior pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Colorado Springs. His passion is to help people understand that church is more than what we do on Sundays but reaches into all areas of our lives. He has begun a new way of interacting with the congregation through a concept called “Gathered & Scattered.” Join us as we listen to his hopes and dreams for the church today and a powerful example of a small win he saw while leading FBC on this journey toward becoming a church that “just loves people.”

Sending People Out from Church – Raleigh Gresham Part 1

For those who just don’t see God in the sort of things they do for a living, Raleigh says that God is using the very things they do on a daily basis to demonstrate his presence.

City of Love – Raleigh Gresham Part 2

Building a team among churches has significant challenges in a culture built on competition. Hear Raleigh’s heart for what it could be like if we put all that aside and strove to be a unified church that “just loves people.”

Gathered & Scattered – Raleigh Gresham Part 3

Sometimes you just have to move the furniture to get things done! In this clip, Raleigh describes how changing up the auditorium had a big impact on the viewpoint of Christians at Fellowship Bible Church.

Mindy Hirst

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