When Christianity Was Still Friendly With Science and Art
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When Christianity Was Still Friendly With Science and Art

Phillip Long is a professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and blogs over at Reading Acts. Phil does not normally review this kind of book, but was drawn to it due to Abraham Kuyper’s popularity and his contribution to worldview issues today.

Long shares some good observations and this book and its relevance for Christianity today, particularly those with an aversion to the study of science and the pursuit of a career in art.

This book is a historical artifact, written at a time when Christianity was still friendly with science and art. In conservative Christianity today, there is a strong aversion to the study of science or the pursuit of a career in art.

Yet this distrust of science and fear of artists is not the historic Christian view. Not all that many years ago, Science was the study of God’s creation and the church sponsored most of the art created in the western world for a thousand years.

For Kuyper, art is a reflection of the beauty and truth of God. After the Reformation, art began to be a reflection of God’s grace to the world (p. 120). Where there is beauty, there is God.

Check out Phil’s review of Wisdom & Wonder here and my thanks to Phil for reviewing this important work.

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