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2008 Acton Lecture Series

The schedule for the 2008 Acton Lecture Series has been released. The following is a quick overview of the line-up. Detailed descriptions of these lectures as well as time, location, and ticket information are available at the Acton Lecture Series page on Acton’s Web site.

Freedom, the Family and the Market: A Humane Response to the Socialist Attack on the Family
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
January 3, 2008
Wealth, Work and the Church
Dr. Glenn Sunshine
February 14, 2008
The Rise (and Eventual Downfall) of the New Religious Left
Rev. Robert A. Sirico
March 13, 2008
Can We Repair What’s Wrong with our Health Care System through Christian Principles?
Mrs. Grace Marie Turner
April 10, 2008
Looking for Happiness, Finding Faith
Dr. Arthur C. Brooks
June 22, 2008
Asia: Lessons and Opportunities
Mr. Michael Miller
July 24, 2008
The Birth of Freedom: A look at Judeo-Christian Tradition to the Rise of Political and Economic Freedom in the West
Dr. Jay Richards
August 14, 2008
What’s Wrong With Latin America?
Dr. Samuel Gregg
September 18, 2008