Radio Free Acton: The Stewardship of Art, Part 2
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Radio Free Acton: The Stewardship of Art, Part 2

Last week, we posted part 1 of our podcast on the proper Christian stewardship of art; for those who have been waiting for the conclusion, we’re happy to present part 2.

David Michael Phelps continues to lead the discussion between Professors Nathan Jacobs and Calvin Seerveld, who previously debated this topic in the Controversy section of our Journal of Markets & Morality. The first portion of that exchange is available at the link for part 1; the remainder of the Controversy can be read by clicking here.

If you’re interested in some additional reading on this topic, Jordan Ballor was kind enough to pass along an article from Mere Orthodoxy that asks a provocative question:

…do enough theologians produce material that artists would find helpful? Do enough artists consider theologians indispensible sleuths for finding hidden metaphors?

As usual, you can listen to RFA by using the audio player below. The moderator for this podcast, David Michael Phelps, blogs at The Artistic Vocation and will be leading tonight’s Acton on Tap discussion on the eve of the launch of ArtPrize 2010, “Art, Patrimony, and Cultural Investment.” Come on down to Derby Station and join us for a lively dialogue and good company.