Dr. Kevin Schmiesing receives 2006 Templeton Enterprise Award
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Dr. Kevin Schmiesing receives 2006 Templeton Enterprise Award

Acton Institute research fellow Dr. Kevin Schmiesing recently received a Templeton Enterprise Award from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. The 2nd place award in the articles category recognized Dr. Schmiesing’s piece, “Another Social Justice Tradition: Catholic Conservatives.” The article was published in the University of St. Thomas Law Journal in 2005.

The article outlines the historic differences between progressive and conservative Catholic approaches to social and economic issues. His states that “the conservative approach represents a tradition of thought that is not only consistent with authoritative Catholic social teaching, but is also an important corrective to deficiencies in the progressive approach.” Further, “conservatives’ hesitance to invoke government, recognition of the potential of business and the market, and emphasis on personal responsibility and civil society are all valuable contributions to a public discussion about the most effect means of alleviating poverty, ensuring justice, and serving the common good.”

Placing first in the book category is Thomas E. Woods, Jr, who won for his book, The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy. This book is part of the Lexington book series entitled Studies in Ethics and Economics, which is edited by Acton’s director of Research, Sam Gregg.

First place winners in the articles category are Bryan Caplan and Ed Stringham. This EconLog piece gives some additional insight.

The Templeton Enterprise Awards are presented annually to scholars early in their careers who have recently produced books and articles dealing with economics, culture, and globalization. For more information about the Templeton Enterprise Awards, see the full press release or visit the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s website.