More dispatches from the fall of Western culture
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More dispatches from the fall of Western culture

There’s nothing like a few dreary Michigan winter days to get me into a midwinter funk. And because I’m a nice guy, I thought I’d share some of my funkyness with you, gentle reader. Especially if you’re in a warmer climate.

First of all, David Warren notes that the foundations of society in Canada are still under assault:

The names of the plaintiffs in that case were suppressed by the court. I would be very curious to know who they were. Media reports have implied it was a perfectly normal new post-modern “loving” family unit, in which the child would benefit from the attention of two lesbian moms and one “natural” (i.e. sperm-donating) dad. But I will bet my pension they were in fact activists, recruited or volunteering for the cause. We’ll see: for despite the incuriosity of our liberal media, the truth will out eventually. And it will be important that future generations, who inherit the social catastrophe that must follow from the destruction of the nuclear family, will be able to learn not just what was done through the courts while our generation slept, but how it was done to avoid waking us.

A civilized mind, heir to the deep “Judaeo-Christian” tradition, is filled with horror at the thought of polygamy, which we associate with primitive tribes, and by extension with many other barbarous practices suppressed in Christendom centuries ago. Yet the intelligent student of social history will realize that nothing human is finally suppressed, and that the most primitive behaviour may suddenly revive, usually under some new guise of sophistry. It is why the civilized must be always vigilant — not only against barbarians on their frontiers, but against barbarous desires arising within their own breasts.

If only the barbarians were outside the frontiers

what happens when “moderate” Muslims stop being polite and start getting real.

It’s not pretty. On the one hand, you have the cultural relativists, who insist that right and wrong are nothing but social constructs, devoid of any real meaning except to the individual who defines what they are. As a result, anything goes – all lifestyles, cultures, religions and philosophies are equal, and the foundations of western society are no longer worth defending. On the other hand, you have radical Islamists, who seem more than happy to exploit the freedoms of the West in order to destroy it from within. It’s the perfect storm…