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Scenes from a memorial

As many of our regular readers know, the Acton Institute is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city that just happens to be at the center of national attention this week with the passing of former President Gerald R. Ford, our city’s most famous son. I’ve spent some time walking the streets of our town this week, soaking in the sights and taking some photos of the memorials that have sprouted up around the Ford Museum.

I’ve been struggling to find appropriate words to put with this post, so now that the clock has turned past midnight I’ve decided to give up for the day and leave you with some of those photos, which I believe should speak very well for themselves.

Gerald R. Ford Memorial - December 29, 2006

One note: As I write this post, local news outlets are reporting that 60,000 people are downtown, waiting in line to view President Ford’s casket – at midnight. Truly an amazing event to witness.

For those who are interested, my full photo archive is here.