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Acton Line podcast redux: Samuel Gregg on the life and impact of Michael Novak

It’s now been three years since Michael Novak passed away. Novak was a Roman Catholic theologian, philosopher, and author, and was a powerful defender of human liberty. In this episode, Acton’s Samuel Gregg shares Novak’s history, starting with his time on the Left in the 1960s and ’70s and recounting his gradual shift toward conservative thought that culminated in the publication of his 1982 masterwork, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism. In this book, Novak grounded a defense of a free market in Judeo-Christian thought, influencing how many Protestants and Catholics thought about economics. As Gregg recently wrote, “No religious intellectual can match Novak’s influence in facilitating this transformation through the written word in America and throughout the world.”

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Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts is a managing editor at the Acton Institute and produces Acton's weekly podcast, Acton Line.