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A Christian culture of reason and faith: Interview with Chantal Delsol

On December 11, Michael Severance, manager of Acton’s Rome office, interviewed French philosopher, historian, and novelist Chantal Delsol. Delsol reflects on the relativism and egoism of the modern West, especially Western Europe. “Today’s laws and morality,” she says, “are in great part inspired by paganism, which has reappeared on its own at the moment of Christianity’s decline.” As a remedy to this modern malaise, Delsol offers advice on how to recover a culture of reason and faith. In this vein she also offers reasons for hope: “I believe in the fervor of young Christians and young families, the creative vitality of monasteries, the enthusiasm of Christian intellectuals in many countries. I believe in the salt of the earth. I believe that we need a dose of humility.”

Read the entire interview (in French) at Acton’s Transatlantic blog here.

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Joshua Gregor

Joshua Gregor is International Relations Assistant at the Acton Institute. Before coming to Acton he received a BA in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome and an MA in linguistics from Indiana University.